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Raging Stallion
Raging Stallion: To The Last Man part 2
Guns Blazing (2 DVD Set)

11th GayVN Awards 2009
Winner - Best Picture

Summary: 2 DVD Set! Part Two in the series is equally filled to the brim with white man juice and featuring a final shootout that is one of the most impressive sequences ever filmed by a porn studio!

"Before seeking revenge, first dig two graves."

Out West, it's a brutal man's world, where raw power replaces common sense in this sagebrush saga of rugged outlaws and the heroic battle between good and evil. Revenge fills the gaps of one up man ship in the struggle to gain power. Blood flows like water as rival gunslingers embrace violence as a test of character and courage. Filled with frustration and rage sex is there only release. Both ranch heads vow to end the. In an explosive confrontation and in the most ambitious grand finale ever filmed emotion ends in riveting tragedy until only one man remains!

The men from the Double K Ranch are clouded in sadness as they huddle by the grave of one of their own, Jake Mallard. Jake's tragic death at the hand of Rick has made troubled times worse. As they lay their friend and brother to rest, John (Antton Harri), Jake's lover, watches from the distance. After the Tanner boys leave, he goes to the grave to pay his respects. Before he can shed a single tear a gunshot pierces his broken heart, but not before John can pull the trigger of his own gun and kill his attacker--two men down at a funeral for a third...this is the opening to part two of To The Last Man: Guns Blazing.

Raging Stallion, To The Last Man  - Guns Blazing
Ricky needs to let out some frustration, and Damian Rios' is a good outlet. Ricky stands and smokes while Damian sucks his dick. In the darkness of the blacksmith shed Rickys real character is revealed as he slaps Damian and pours whiskey all over him as they fuck. After a nice round of dick sucking Ricky is ready to fuck, he bends Damian over and stuffs his dick up his ass, still smoking and drinking. Damian loves to get fucked and for a last position Ricky sits and Damian does all the work. Riding Rick's cock up and down until they are both worn out. After blowing his load, Logan McCree comes barreling in with Jackson Wild to tell of the most recent events "they shot John, he's dead" to which Rick replies, anger simmering below the surface, "an eye for a eye." The war is on.

Tragedy turns to irony the skies open up and the rain comes. This whole feud was about water. But now it's about blood.

Ranch-hand Jimmy (Tripps) takes out his frustration by stabbing his hunting knife into a wooden pole as Renn (Rick Powers) throws and kicks items around the barn. Jimmy takes his mind off the recent tragedy with a brotherly. As the men embrace they decide to distract themselves with some dick play. Jimmy has a huge cock and Renn takes his time to work it up and down his throat. But Jimmy wants some dick too and the two men trade blows before getting to the main event.Renn bends over and offers up his ass to Jimmy's monster cock. Jimmy pounds away, fucking Renn bent over and then on his back, pushing that huge dick deep inside. Jimmy fucks Renn until he can't take it anymore, pulls out and blows his load, followed by Renn who shoots a nice load that falls on the dirt floor. The harsh reality of life takes a back burner, at least for a short while.

Raging Stallion, To The Last Man  - Guns Blazing
As the old adage goes, time heals all wounds. Months pass and life at the Double K is getting better. There is still a water shortage but the mood is much lighter. Life on the ranch is back to normal, though everyone misses their fallen friends. When Renn and Tristan are cleaning the horse corral, Renn playfully throws manure at Tristan. The two get into a tickling match and Renn runs into the barn to get away from Tristan. The friendly frolic turns into something more when Renn gets down on his knees and takes Tristan's horse sized cock in his mouth. Tristan feeds Renn his dick working it down his throat and slapping his mouth with it. Tristan takes a turn sucking dick before bending Renn over the barn rail and stuffing his massive dick up his hole. Renn takes it like a pro, moaning the whole time as Tristan pulls all the way out and pushes back in. Renn takes it in three positions and cums with Tristan fucking him from behind. When Tristan cums its another one of his famous cum shots which covers Renn's face. These men seem built for each other, big dicks and eager holes. Its another excellent fuck.

Scott Campbell sneaks down to the neighbor's creek to steel more water. Perhaps he does not remember that this is what got his buddy, Jake, lynched. He fills his jug then decides that the water is too inviting to pass up. He strips off his clothes and goes in for a much needed swim. Vance (Antonio Biaggi) wanders along and spots this hairy nude ranch hand in his creek. Vance watches as he strokes his cock and drinks Jack Daniels. It's too good of an opportunity to pass up. When Scottt sees Vance's massive dick (it's the biggest Dick in Porn, by the way), his eyes open wide. Scott goes down on Vance, trying to fit as much of that cock as he can. Vance returns the favor, sucking down Scott's dick before getting to his ass. When Scott bends over and offers his ass Vance sticks his tongue deep inside and warms it up for fucking. Once the fucking starts Vance gives Scott one hell of a fuck, pumping in and out with all 11 inches of that cock. Vance lifts Scott up and pounds into him until Scott is pushed almost over the edge. Vance pulls out and gets on his knees to swallow Scotts load and then Vance does the same, getting a huge load in his mouth. This scene must be scene to be believed two of the hottest men fucking under the western sky. After they exhaust each other, they jump back into the creek to wash of their cum soaked bodies. Even though Vance has just fucked Scott silly, he will not allow his water to be taken back to the Tanner ranch. The two men struggle in the water thrashing around pumped and with adrenalin. Somehow Scott gets the upper hand and pins Vance underneath the water. Vance goes limp, dead. Traumatize by what he has just done, Scott flees the scene of the crime. Little does he know that when he killed Vance he signed his own death warrant and that of all of his friends as well.

Bad news travels fast as Rick hears of Vance's death. "Man's fury has no bounds when it come to war" screams Rick as he storms out of the barn. He will take revenge.

Nighttime quiets the Flying V Ranch, as Rick plots his next move. Damien and Jackson work in the barn. Damien's asks about Rick and his past, Jackson tells him of the family feud that goes back many years. Damien is quickly distracted by Jackson as he gropes the young ranch hand. Soon Damien is down on his knees taking Jackson into his mouth. Damien works Jackson up nice and hard and then wants the same treatment. When Damien whips out his large uncut cock Jackson goes down and shows his oral skills. Once Damian is warmed up Jackson wants him up his ass. Damien bends Jackson over the ladder and fucks him hard. Jackson rides Damien eagerly and shoots a fat load. As Damien drops his load all over Jackson's back, a gunshot rings out. Damien collapses dead on the ground, covered in blood and dirt. The Feud is on!

A day or so later, Jimmy gets dirty from fixing an old, oily generator. He decides to come clean by taking a bath in a galvanized tub out in the ranch junkyard. He takes off his clothes under the beautiful western sky and begins to stroke his long, veiny cock. He strokes away, working his monster dick to full attention. Jimmy climbs out of the tub to sit on the edge and stroke blowing a load all over the ground. Jimmy gets back into the tub to relax and rinse off when a figure steps into frame. A shot rings out as Jimmy takes a load in the balls. Startled and in overwhelming pain, Jimmy looks up and is hit with a second shot right between the eyes. Tanner hears the shots from the barn and runs to aid another of his own. It's too late, as Jimmy's lifeless body lies limp.

Death comes quick as the feud becomes a full-out war. Logan, Rick's henchman of death, slithers up to RJ as he sleeps and in one quick motion slits RJ throat leaving him gargling on his own blood. Tristan runs to his aid, but's its too late. Another man is down.

Tristan is caught out fixing the large John Deere tracker and is picked off by a riffle shot. He falls to the ground but is not dead. To get away from his shooter he crawls on the ground. He doesn't get away as Logan viciously pummels the butt of his riffle into Tristan's skull. Logan drags Tristan to a crude cement trough. He douses the still breathing body with gasoline and tosses in a lighted torch. Tristan's body becomes smoke in the wind.

Jackson walks through a maze of cattle gates and spots his prey Renn. Jackson takes Renn out with a single shot, but then gives him another slug just to be sure; he leaps over the fence and is gone. Tanner and Scott run out to help Renn, but he can't hold on. Renn spits blood and ask Tanner to give his good luck charm to his mother, a dying man's last wish. Tanner has reached his limit he vows to find Rick and take care of this once and for all.

Rick is in ravine the getting target practice shooting beer bottles. Preacher Matt approaches. "Rick this bloodshed must end"! Rick shoots the preacher and walks off. The preacher is not saved by his faith but by his bible and whiskey flask. He dusts him self off and counts his blessings.

Tanner comes over the Ridge to find Rick and is jumped by Logan and Rick. Logan and Rick want revenge and now they have a suitable captive. They drag Tanner through the wash to a place where they spent the night. Logan holds Tanner tight as Rick threatens him with a gun and tears of his clothes. In what will go down as one of the most accurate and violent rape scenes ever shot Logan and Rick beat and abuse Tanner using their fists and their strength and their dicks. Logan fucks Tanner first as Rick holds Tanner down. When Rick wants his turn he grabs Tanner and turns him over, putting his ass in line with Rick's dick. Logan holds Tanner down as Rick pilages Tanner's hole. As the rape ends all three men cum and the screaming begins to subside.

After pumping their loads into Tanner, Rick and Logan hear distant gun shots its time for the final showdown as they resolve to kill the rest of the Tanner gang. They head out in a hurry, letting Tanner himself escape! What ensues is a final shootout that is one of the most impressive sequences ever filmed by a porn studio. Only one man survives, and it is not who you expect!

The Special Features disc

The Special Features discs of To The Last Man, Parts II, is chock full of more bonus features than a porn enthusiast can ask for.

Part Two, Guns Blazing, is equally filled to the brim with white man juice. Five additional solo scenes are included with the film's leading actors: Raging Stallion Studio Exclusives Ricky Sinz, Antonio Biaggi, and Damian Rios, plus solos from Scott Tanner and hot newcomer Scott Campbell. Go one-on-one with the actors from the film with intimate interviews with Raging Stallion's "Man Of The Year" Ricky Sinz, leading man Scott Tanner, Antton Harri, and Damien Crosse. And if that wasn't enough, there is a bonus sex scene with Sky Donovan & Andy Hunter.

Notes of all the features

GUNS BLAZING Feature Disc include
- Violent and Non-Violent Version Play Feature
- Model gallery. Each model page includes biography info, instant jump to cum shots and death scene, when applicable, and a link to the model's info page at

Part 2 - GUNS BLAZING Special Features Disc includes:

- Model Solos: 52 minutes
Antonio Biaggi
Scott Tanner & Ricky Sinz
Scott Campbell
Damian Rios

- Model Interviews: 31 minutes
Ricky Sinz
Antton Harri
Damien Crosse
Scott Tanner

- Vintage Raging Stallion scene - Sky Donovan & Andy Hunter scene from Sexpack 8 - Sky's The Limit. 17 minutes
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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult

Running Time: 159 mins, Year: 2008

Price: Around £30 - £34*

Starring: Ricky Sinz, Scott Campbell, Damien Crosse, Antonio Biaggi, Damian Rios, Jackson Wild, Jimmy Trips, Logan McCree, Rick Powers, Scott Tanner, Tristan Jaxx

Director: Ben Leon, Chris Ward, Tony DiMarco

Studio: Raging Stallion

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Download Raging Stallion titles at: Homoactive (UK / EU) and RadVideo (USA)

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Country: USA, Language: English

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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Also available from Raging Stallion: Playback (2 DVD set)
Playback - Click here for more information or to buy

New double disc set of non- stop fucking action in Playback. With an eye for good angles, soft light and hard dick Leon brings the viewer into the shadows of an empty warehouse where Raging Stallion's finest perform at the top of their game.

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