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Collin O'Neals World of Men Series
Collin O'Neal's World Of Men: Edinburgh

Collin O' Neal's World Of Men, Edinburgh

Collin O'Neal and Josue (Apartment)
For those of Collin's fans that get off on ass play, this one is a keeper. This scene is shot in Josue's apartment where he is taking a nap when Collin shows up for an afternoon fuck. Josue, who at first is a bit groggy, happily complies. Collin is feeling extra horny so he indulges in a long session of ass play. Collin takes his time admiring Josue's huge perfect ass, slapping it, and licking from his hole up through his crack and back down again. He fingers Josue's ass making sure that it is ready for what is about to come. Collin then dives in and begins to pound his afternoon fuck buddy senseless. After a long session of intense ass fucking, Collin delivers his famous cum shot, shooting over the length of Josue's body and hitting him on the chin from a distance of nearly three feet!

Forneus and Fernando Leon (Bar)
These two barmen wrap up a shift in one of Edinburgh's hottest clubs and, while cleaning off the bar before calling it a night, decide to take the evening in a different direction. Blond wonder boy Forneus is a tall, super lean, hairless muscle kid that has a perfectly round hard ass and can take a long hard pounding like few can. Fernando is a beefy Latin stud with a huge, thick, uncut cock, pierced nipples, and smooth dark skin. Before Forneus can even get his clothes off, Fernando grabs his blond head and forces his mouth down on his dick. Forneus starts to work Fernando's thick shaft and then begins to suck Fernando's huge balls and finger his nipple rings at the same time. Fernando knows what a boy likes and feeds Forneus his foreskin, pulling it up and away from his head to let his muscle-bound sex slave lick inside and all around his juicy mushroom head. After a hot round of oral action and some serious ass eating, Fernando proceeds to plow into his willing bottom with a force and strength that few others can deliver. Forneus loves it and gladly strokes his rock hard dick the entire time but is careful not to cum until his man has had his share. After a lengthy fucking, Forneus can no longer hold back and drops his load as Fernando keeps plowing him from behind. Forneus then kneels down to service his stud who begins to jerk his thick rod until he lets go and drenches Forneus with a huge load all the way down the side of his face. This is a monumental fuck fest of a video that will go down as one of the hottest scenes of 2007.

Josue and Marco (Bar)
Swarthy macho man Marco enters a dark bar during closing hours and finds beefy Josue with his ass spilling out of his jeans, hunched down in front of an out of order ATM machine trying to fix it. Instead of offering a helping hand, Marco reaches down and grabs Josue's crotch from behind, lifting him up, and spinning him around. The two, realizing that no one else is around, quickly begin to kiss and disrobe. These two surly men fuck like men were meant to fuck. Big, beefy, olive-skinned Josue and tight Marco with his hairy chest and low hanging monster sized balls show each other a good time from the very beginning. Watch Marco's huge, oversized balls whack up against Josue's chin and you will know what it is like to be a dude's bitch. After these two explore each other's sweaty bodies, and swap sloppy blowjobs, Marco delves into Josue's perfectly rounded ass and begins to loosen him up for the raunchy bar-top fucking that follows. Marco takes Josue as his own, fucking him from behind as Josue squirms in pain but doesn't pull back... Marco then turns him around while both are on top of the bar and Josue quickly finds a light rack above the counter to hang on to for support while Marco unmercifully slams him from behind, his huge balls slapping up against Josue's own swelling crotch. After getting it from behind, Marco lays Josue on his back and fucks him some more. Josue busts his nut all over his stomach then Marco pulls out and with sweat dripping down his face and chest, and drops his load all over Josue as they both pant for breath after their exhausting sweat drenched man romp.

Ryan Garcia and Jasper Emerald (Dirty Underground)
Spanish boy-stud Ryan Garcia pushes the fair skinned athlete, Jasper Emerald, into a dingy underground passageway where the two immediately start to have at it. After a healthy round of suck face, Ryan takes a look at Jasper's thick white dick, kneels down on the dirty floor, and begins to service him, taking his thick tool all the way to the base, and licking his big round white balls. Jasper then has a go at Ryan's huge Spanish dick. Ryan Garcia is a real tiger and likes a good sucking off. He grabs Jasper's head and begins to force-feed the boy the length of his huge cock, thrusting it deep into his throat while his big balls slap up against Jasper's chin. After Ryan is sufficiently happy with Jasper's servicing, Ryan stands Jasper up, turns him over, grabs his smooth, milky white ass cheeks, spreads them open and dives in, teasing Jasper's pink hole with his tongue. Ryan then stands up, grabs his huge Spanish cock, sticks it in Jasper's smooth, tight hole and begins to plow him from behind. After that, Ryan sits down on the grungy floor, Jasper straddles Ryan's dick , grabs it at the base and sits down on top of it until it slides up deep into his ass. Ryan then starts to power fuck his bottom until poor Jasper no longer can hold back and dumps a huge load all over the basement floor. Ryan then stands up and feeds Jasper his thick cock, exploding all over Jasper's waiting face.

Collin O'Neal and Forneus (Bar)
Collin's ability to get hot models for his movies is only surpassed by his ability to fuck like a bull. This scene illustrates both of these talents with the slick muscle-bound athlete Forneus, whose ass was built to fuck. Collin finds Forneus cleaning up at a local bar and decides to make a move on him. Collin pulls up Forneus's shirt and admires his tight hairless body, then Forneus does the same to Collin, admiring his thick hairy chest. Forneus finally pulls down Collin's pants to find a huge hard-on awaiting his lips and throat. Collin sees Forneus's beautiful ass as he is bobbing on his shaft and decides to pull Forneus over to a bench to lick and slap his perfectly shaped butt. Collin then can't stand to just lick anymore and shoves his rock hard cock into Forneus's tight blond hole. Watch how Forneus's ass gives and pulls as Collin slams his huge dick deep down inside his willing ass. Then Collin and Forneus decide to be real naughty and go for it on top of the pool table. Forneus takes Collin's dick from behind, but not for long, as he gets so excited he cums all over the pool table. Collin then pulls out of Forneus's tight ass and shoots over his head and onto the floor with only a few shots landing on Forneus's perfectly sculpted back with the rest dripping onto the pool table.

Collin O'Neal and Fred Colcci (Office)
Collin O'Neal is busy working in his office and waiting for his assistant who is late to work. When he finally gets there, Collin decides that it is time to teach the young extra-hung boy a lesson about punctuality. Fred Colcci has a tight young body, a great face, and a thick dick that gets harder and swells bigger the more he gets fucked. Watch how Colin preps Fred's perfectly round bubble butt by giving Fred a serious ass eating. But the real action in this scene comes with the fucking. Fred's beautiful ass takes in all of Collin's cock, as slowly Collin works his huge dick in, fucking him from behind as Fred is bent over the desk. Collin quickly picks up the pace grinding faster and sliding his dick all the way out and back down deep into Fred's smooth hole. Fred's cock swells, gets rock hard, and flops up and down while he gets power fucked by super porn star Collin O'Neal. Collin flips his assistant over the desk, and starts to fuck again until Fred explodes all over his stomach. Collin then delivers his jet stream-like load that shoots over Fred's entire torso all the way up to his neck and then cleans his dick off on Fred's huge, round balls.

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult

Running Time: 120 mins, Year: 2007

Price: From around £26*

Starring: Fernando Leone, Forneus, Collin O'Neal, Fred Colcci, Jasper Emerald, Josue, Marco, Ryan Garcia

Director: Collin O'Neal

Studio: World of Men

Buy DVDs online at:

Member site: World Of Men

Country: UK, Language: English

Additional info: No Regional Coding

Also available from Raging Stallion: Collin O' Neal's London
Click here for more information or to buy

This is the first installment of a new video line for Raging Stallion Studios and it is directed by porn superstar Collin O'Neal. This movie, shot in London, features a cast of international superstars and new discoveries, including Jean Franco and Edu Boxer!

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Also available from Raging Stallion: Collin O' Neal's Miami
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Roman Ragazzi is Collin's hottest find and the sexiest muscle god to appear in porn in years with his huge, hairy, muscular body, chiseled face, and fat 9" dick! Roman is only one of Collin's treasures in this hot DVD!

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Also available from Raging Stallion: Collin O' Neal's Argentina
Collin O'Neals World Of Men Argentina

Collin O'Neal's World Of Men: Argentina transports you to the home of gaucho and the tango for his latest foray into foreign parts! The previous instalments in this all male erotica series have built up a huge following and - with Mr O'Neal just getting better and better with each release - this title is guaranteed to be steamy action all the way. Amen!

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Also available from Raging Stallion: Collin O' Neal's Australia
Collin O'Neals Australia

Collin O'Neal's had a loyal fan base for eons and with his World Of Men series hitting Australia, you're sure to be thoroughly entertained and aroused. Ever since he took the reins of his own company and started his World Of Men line, fans have fallen head-over-heels for his enormous charms.

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Also available from Raging Stallion: Collin O' Neal's Columbia
Collin O'Neals World Of Men Columbia

Collin O'Neal's World Of Men: Colombia is a veritable cartel of cock-slinging bandits. It's Collin's first on-camera appearance in nearly a year and demonstrates his skill at finding hot pieces of man-meat. Collin's been a fan-favourite for eons, and ever since he took the reins of his own company and started his World Of Men line, fans have fallen head-over-heels for him more than ever.

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Also available from Raging Stallion: Collin O' Neal's Turkey
Raging Stallion, Collin O'Neals' World of Men:Turkey

We admit it - we've always had a bit of a weakness for the look of Turkish men. Swarthy, hairy, built like gods, and usually possessing a nice, thick, and uncut butt prodder. In Collin O'Neal's World Of Men: Turkey, O'Neal takes his terrific eye overseas yet again - and once again delivers a powerhouse fuckload of powerful fuckers.

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